“Your Turn” was the final exhibition for the graduate art therapy students at the School of Visual Arts. I was a participating artist. SVA faculty and the graduate students collaborated to curate the space.

"“Your Turn” is an exhibition organized around response art, a method of artmaking that enables art therapists to process the emotional, verbal and non-verbal content that surfaces in their professional practice. In this exhibition, graduate art therapy students and participants from their internship sites invite gallery-goers to respond to their response art.

Art therapists strive to take in what people are saying as much as possible, particularly through art materials and imagery. Making art in response to these relational situations can increase the therapist’s empathy. Sharing the results in session can validate the experience and facilitate understanding in the therapeutic relationship.

In a civic revision, “Your Turn” expands response art to the gallery-going public. Contributing and reciprocating within the greater community fosters agency and awareness for everyone involved. Sharing art outside of the norms of the confidential therapeutic space can reduce social isolation and exclusion. Visitor participation acknowledges and validates the work on display.

As visitors are drawn to artwork in the gallery, they may use the drawing materials to visually express their reflections, feelings and reactions on tickets. Containers are positioned next to the artwork to receive these responses. Tickets enable gallery-goers to speak directly to artists, facilitating a way to enhance interactions between people in and beyond the gallery. “Your Turn” tickets connect diverse people through art.”